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    I am an amateur working for a non-profit ISP that delivers service from various towers around WNC. I would like to enhance my value to the organization by becoming certified to climb, only I'm having much difficulty finding out who can train me to do so legally in this state. I called OSHA's office in Raleigh but they had no idea either, even though it is their name stamped on the warning signs on some of the towers I've been to. Anyways, I'm learning about radio technology and networking now, and I'm interested in building a career climbing towers. Does anyone have some input as to who can provide me with training that meets NC's requirements?
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    There are several places out there that offer training but from my research I have not seen any in NC. Safety One has classes in Atlanta from time to time according to their schedule. I'm not expert but I think you may have to travel out of state to get this. Somebody might offer classes in the area but I can't help you there. You can contact Kevin at Safety One. I've been talking to him about tower rescue training and locations, costs and he is very helpful. I'm not associated with them in any way but he's the only guy I know in the safety end of it. Maybe some of the more experienced folks on here can offer more information.

    Kevin R. Carter
    Director of Business Development
    Safety One Training International, Inc.
    1-800-485-7669 (SNOW)
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    there is quite a few companies that will do it, but you are going to have to travel most likely

    most companies want to see comtrain but most will be acceptable. i think there is a company called gravitec that does it as well

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