Not too hot on cold weather work

Discussion in 'Managing Projects and Business Issues' started by Gordy Kanjier, Apr 8, 2008.

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    When we bid a large foundation project in August we were told that we had to begin work right after Labor Day. The NTP wasn?t issued until early November and cold weather had already set in. Needless to say, we would have to use a cold weather mix in addition to tenting, plus our productivity would probably be cut 30% or more.

    We requested from the broadcaster a change order prior to starting the project. They flatly refused, saying that if we didn?t want the job to let them know and they would find another company. We were tempted to let them go out to bid again at the last moment and I?m sure that prices would have been higher, but we decided to take the job to keep busy.

    Had they used an AIA contract we might have had a chance to legally request the change. But they were like many owners who will prepare a contract that is typically slanted to their benefit. However, although I?ve seen changed conditions clauses disputes, adverse weather is sometimes not considered as a basis for a change order.

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