Number of carrier collocations

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  1. jason niedzielski

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    I am doing some research on the ballpark number of collocations each carrier has. I have been looking for a while and all i can get is a number from 2005 that does not include AT&T. If anyone has a link or even some kind of idea that would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Wireless Estimator

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    Hi Jason,
    It would be great if someone responds to your request. However, it might not be available since carriers keep their site information close to their investment vest. Plus, although many of them provide CTIA with their total of cell sites, they don't break it down as to whether or not it's a collocation. Can you share the 2005 collocation data with us or a link to where you found it? AT&T would not have been listed in it since they had not wholly acquired Cingular until late 2005 and didn't reintroduce AT&T Mobility until 2006.

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