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Discussion in 'Safety - General Safety Issues' started by PhilPro, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. PhilPro

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    Does your company require you to utilize auto-closing utility knives for work on the job site? If so, what ones have you found to work best for your needs.

    I know it can be cumbersome to use an auto-closing utility knife on a tower, while hanging behind or underneath an antenna - but if you have experience with these tools, then your experience and knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

    Auto-closing utility knives are a great tool to help prevent hand injuries, accidental cuts both to the body and to equipment!

    Think Safe - Act Safe - Be Safe!
  2. JBLloyd

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    I have, in the past used HYDE SELF RETRACTING 42065 UTILITY KNIFE. I used this tool in a warehouse/office setting however I was satisfied with the relative ease of use and especially the safety factor of the blade disappearing when I let go of the knife. This knife would be perfect for light duty phase tape and weatherproofing, cutting and opening boxes, cutting cardboard for various purposes. This tool on a short lanyard would be a good compromise when "always open", manual closing, or lock blade knives are either impractical or against project or company safety requirements. Hyde has other similar models that may be of interest to you by typing "Hyde utility knife self retracting" into a search engine.

    Good luck and happy cutting!
  3. PhilPro

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    Thanks for the reply - I really appreciate any and all input. I looked at the model description and pictures online. I am honestly looking for something that can be held in multiple hand positions as our field technicians up on the towers find themselves, many times, in very precarious positions where using a typical thumb slide knife just isn't feasible. But keep the great ideas coming!
  4. JBLloyd

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  5. PhilPro

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    Excellent acting! Haha, again, appreciate the idea and the good laugh but those will def not work.......unless we need a hand at opening some of the packaging!
  6. Towerpro1

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    Hyde and Grainger have them. They are pretty good.[​IMG]

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