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  1. Jeff T.

    Jeff T. Friend of the Community

    In the previous version, you were able to fill out the workers' names, check off certain boxes etc. It would be nice if you could do the same now.

    Please include the ability to fill out Job/Task, Potential Hazards and Preventive Measures with the option to leave them blank if you want. Perhaps even add a pull down menu with some of the most common tasks. Since many jobs and tasks are discussed and planned prior to arrival this would help save time and create a nice legible form.

    Of course, any additional site specific tasks that pop up at the start of work can be hand written in at that time.

    Thank you for this great tool!
  2. The Estimator Webmaster

    The Estimator Webmaster Administrator Staff Member

    When we built the latest version and incorporated the JHA we cut out the additional fields for entering personnel online for several reasons.

    First, we felt that doing this input in the PDF rather than an online form would make the PDFs more versatile by having a blank for a site that could be re-used for different visits or scopes of work by various crews at the same location.

    We also felt that it would help expedite the online process for those that create the initial contact and location info , but are not exactly sure when the work will occur, or by whom.

    Since the PDFs are 100% editable, it is hard for us to see the difference between filling them in prior to them being sent via email as opposed to filling them in once received. Keep in mind that you can save any edits made in the actual PDF to a file on your computer or network.

    Regarding the Tasks, Potential Hazards and Preventive Measures as menu selections, it is a daunting project for us to generate the 100s or even 1000s of line items that would need to be created.

    We would need to have a fairly comprehensive list of items provided to us to us as a starting point. While we recognize the general activities involved with site construction, tower install/modification, L&A installs etc., we don't do this ourselves on a daily basis to be able to create such a comprehensive list.

    We agree that this would be a very convenient and time saving feature and would consider it if anyone could provide a base starting point list that was comprehensive enough to build on.

    Thanks for the suggestions. As always, we are open to anything that will help improve our service and hopefully others will join in with additional comments.
  3. Jeff T.

    Jeff T. Friend of the Community

    Thank you for the quick response! I noticed (after I posted) that the sent PDF was editable, thus allowing me to do exactly what I was asking for. Sorry for jumping the gun. Your solution is perfect!
  4. durlandt

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    I am unable to edit the form once it has been sent to me, do I need to update my Adobe software? I get a warning when I open the form telling me that I need to contact the creator of the document which is wirelessestimator. So I'm not sure where to go from here. Thanks!
  5. Wireless Estimator

    Wireless Estimator Administrator Staff Member

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