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  1. Andy "Skooter" Elliot

    Andy "Skooter" Elliot Industry Observer

    I don't know why the FCC is getting involved about fatalities other than the fact that they're happening on the towers that they permit. I think its rare if ever that you see the same workshop being presented by two government agencies.

    Would it be fair to state that OSHA knows why climbers are dying??? They're not tying off and they're not rigging properly. At the end of the day that is what this workshop will most likely find. Could they not tell that to the FCC???

    If the FCC wants to really help it could come up with a way to tell tower owners that they're responsible for vetting every company that climbs their towers.
  2. Paul Russell

    Paul Russell Frequent Poster

    In order to do any rulemaking the FCC would have to see what the cost of the rule would be to the tower owners. The tower owners would say they can't affort it because it would be an outrageous amount to monitor who is on their towers. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!
  3. spudw

    spudw Friend of the Community

    It's also about the money that OSHA fines companies. If they would get serious about hitting companies with serious fines it might create a culture that says you will not free climb or you'll be fired.
  4. Ginpole ll

    Ginpole ll Industry Observer

    Seems like PCIA is leading the charge. Adlestein has connections with the FCC and could get some things done. He's not going to rock the boat of his tower company members that's for sure.
  5. It's nice to see something happening within OSHA.
    I don't think it's all about the money because the fines are not extreme and so often they get lessened.
    Where is NATE? I don't see their name on this yet. I am sure they support it, but shouldn't they be actively involved? Maybe I missed something.
  6. HAL6900

    HAL6900 Friend of the Community

    It comes down to the love of Money. We love money more than life, and will do anything to get more of it, and to keep it all to our self. If we continue on this path, the government will step in and set in more regulations to stop the death trends....of course then there will be complaints that additional regulations are not needed, and they are cutting into our already thin profit margins. There used to be legal sweat shops in this country, abused child labor and the list goes on. This is one of those things that needs a correction now...Once the carriers STOP setting unrealistic expectations and take an actual ownership role in managing projects in a responsible manner...you will see this industry stop making bad decisions that risk not only their lives, but shut off the cashflow to the family, and cause grief for all involved.
  7. Proximity

    Proximity Friend of the Community

    It's all about the money. I think OSHA should fine the pants off of every company that ignores safe working regulations and doesn't require their workers to observe them. Your local police department writes many parking violations because drivers could care less and will eat the cost of a 20 or 40 dollar bill. But the police seldom write tickets for people parking in handicapp spots without a permit and we all know the answer...a $300 dollar fine.
  8. Janfree

    Janfree Industry Observer

    It's worthwhile sitting throught the couple of hours of video. It gives a good overview of the problem and how it appears everyone is trying to solve it. Of interest was AT&T's comments about companies not adhering to their safety standards getting liquidated damages. I thought liquidated damages were paid if you didn't build out their network on time. Not if you didn't take the time to make sure that you have safe companies working for you.
  9. Towerjim

    Towerjim Friend of the Community

    NATE was not only on the panel with Todd Schlekeway, but also other members and the room had more NATE members than any other organization.
  10. RRUInstall

    RRUInstall Friend of the Community

    It should have been longer. There was lots of talent sitting there that could have been used. There were lots of questions that I'm sure were sent that would have been important to answer. The one they chose for the second panel made no sense. A training company was upset because they couldn't get free space on a tower. Spend the money and build your own.

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