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  1. Dan Clark

    Dan Clark Friend of the Community

    I own a tower painting company and I'm sorry to say I have to agree with the concerns posted here. I have run into several VERY poorly done jobs in the past. This make my job a lot harder, cleaning up someone else's mess. I just hope a few bad apples don't ruin it for all of us who do a professional job!!!
  2. Randy Allen

    Randy Allen Guest

    I agree with you -- and not just poorly done jobs also, the reputation of some lousy tower service companies. They make it harder for the rest of us. I?m having a hard time even getting subcontractors to work under me, because of how so many have been ripped off... not paid... etc.

    It seems if I want to get a subcontractor I will have to pay them 50% up front, because of the mistrust in this industry. I have done all my work with painters until this year when I had a couple of surgeries, now I need workers and it?s almost impossible to get someone to work unless I give them half of contract before I even meet them.

    TERRY EWELL Friend of the Community

    Sorry to hear about your problems, but as we all know, there are bad apples everywhere. If you are looking for someone to paint towers for you , then get in touch with me, 770-940-6817. Thanks , Terry
  4. Allen Hughey

    Allen Hughey Friend of the Community

    I don?t know why everyone is complaining. Yes there are a lot of bad companies out there. Everybody wants to make a quick buck. They don?t care about the quality of thier work. All they care is let?s knock this out and go hit another one. They cut corners wherever they can. Water down the already thin paint to make it go a little farther. Apply one of the thinnest coats you have ever seen, paint a 400' tower in one day and get on to the next one. The thing is that in a year or two all of the paint is gone. The customers see this. They are far from stupid. Yes, they are usually pretty hard on you when you start a job for them after what they suffered at the hands of the last tower company, but when I go out there and do the job that they asked for, those bad crews only make us look better. I have customers that let me paint all of their towers now without even bidding against competition because they know that they are getting quality work. All I can say is that bad tower companies only make the good tower companies look even better.

    TERRY EWELL Friend of the Community

    I agree with everything that has been posted here, if anyone is needing someone to help paint , please give me a call at 478 - 934 - 0496 , I am looking for work and prefer painting over doing L & A work , thank's Terry
  6. Joel Newell

    Joel Newell Friend of the Community

    Yes, I know what you all mean, I have been painting towers for a few years now, I show up to jobs that looks like a monkey was sent up to paint the tower, paint splatters all over the AC units, Generators, Shelters, and coax lines that were never primed before painted, paint flaking off so bad that when the wind blows, the paint goes with it. Im sure this is partially due to Tower erector employees that are sent out to paint a tower instead of path alining a dish or running coax lines etc., an employee making $12 and hour is not going to take his time and make sure the tower looks top notch! They wanna get in and get out, so they can go do some real tower work. If you want an actual paint job done 100% right, contact Skyline Tower Painting. We use a DTM paint purchased from Sherwin WIlliams, all are paint meets the FCC codes. Every tower we paint is sprayed, no paint mitt mess! All new coax lines are primed before painted, I have several references from tower companies that you know, we are not a fly by night company, all of are climbers are certified and NATE members, we also carry a $2,000,000 insurance policy. IF you need painting services please contact:

    Skyline Tower Painting

  7. Marc LeClair

    Marc LeClair Frequent Poster

    With the economy the way it is you're going to see a lot of broadcasters cut back on their maintenance budget and they'll probably be taking the typical low bid, low quality proposal just to get by. Many stations are going bankrupt and the furthest thing from their mind is their tower.
  8. Allen Hughey

    Allen Hughey Friend of the Community

    I have a great example of companies taking the low bid just to get a job done. I recently bid a job to paint a 499' guyed tower with 3/6" tower face and all round members. The tower was also to have 15 wires tensioned and the tower plumbed. One of the lower level 7/16" guy wires was to be replaced as well. The tower bid went to a local contractor for the grand total of $6,000.00.
  9. Marc LeClair

    Marc LeClair Frequent Poster

    Allen, what were the insurance requirements of the owner? I agree that $6,000 seems awfully low, especially if you?re providing guy wire and I assume preforms. I don?t know how close the project is to you, but if you could find out when the contractor is going to begin, stop by every day and see what he is doing, how many men, and how long it takes. Also see how safe they are when they are working. If they?re not tied off send them into the hall of shame and to the customer.
  10. Allen Hughey

    Allen Hughey Friend of the Community

    I'm not sure what the requirements were. It was for public utilities and usually they only require 1 million in liability insurance. The job is a couple of states away from me at a location that I am not aware of. I assume that they wont be on the tower long though. At least not if they plan on turning a profit. The paint would normally take me 3 to 4 long days to complete and probably a day to complete the plumb and tension along with the guywire replacement. There is no way that I would be able to keep a crew on that tower for 5 days on a $6,000.00 project. Atleast $800 of that $6,000 has to go for the purchase of materials.
  11. Marcus Billington

    Marcus Billington Friend of the Community

    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. My good friend and I are looking to open a tower painting business (painting only). I am not experienced in this industry but my friend is. I have over 20 years business management experience and my friend has 7 years tower experience. We would certainly appreciate any website info, comments or any other helpful tidbit in our research before jumping in. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!
  12. Marcus Billington

    Marcus Billington Friend of the Community

    Whoops! Re previous post. Our email address is thanks.
  13. Gary  Fisher

    Gary Fisher Friend of the Community

    Hello gents,
    My name is Gary and I am seeking your help. My cousin, and myself are looking to paint pylons (Transmission Tower's) over in the states.
    I left the industry a few years ago and I am looking to restart,but would prefer to do it outside the UK. My cousin however is on the towers now.
    The situation over here is getting crazy for example here are the qualifications my cousin has had to gain to work the tower's here in the UK:-

    Holder of an SR3 certificate Scotland.
    Holder of an EAKRIN Card.
    Permit holder for YEDL and NEDL Yorkshire
    Tower Rescue.
    First aid.
    Manual Handling.
    Rope access.
    Rigging and DE-RIGGING
    Course for step bolting,barbed wiring and colour plating.
    I am seeking information on:- is it seasonal work? what it's like as a job over there, if you have a comparison to the UK? and hourly rates or prices, if you feel like you would like to reveal such information.
    Any info would be great. Cheers.

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