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Discussion in 'Managing Projects and Business Issues' started by Jason Alves, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Jason Alves

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    Working in this industry for 6 years, pay rate was always a question. What would be the pay rate for someone that's green to someone with experience? I know years of experience is always the key but what is a respectable pay rate. Employees are always in that boat, "You Get What You Pay For!" Should Climbers be paid hourly or salary?
  2. Michael Ruiz

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    I have been working in this industry for 1 year, and I have worked with a lot of skill set technicians. Since working in this industry I have found it better for the pay to be piece rates or per site fee, this way the lead tech and distributes the amount for the site evenly depending on work quality and performance. This has kept our crews happy and very busy.
  3. Bob Cantwell

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    Many people who jump from job to job skew the fair cost of what some companies expect to pay because sometimes they're so hungry and they'll accept almost anything. Lately it has been pretty slow for companies and the company that has a enough contracts and NTPs is capable of beating down the employer. However, good companies don't typically do that because they have set scales for their employees. I think that it's not necessary the hourly rate for climbers, but what benefits are being provided that make the job more attractive. Before you accept a job you should try to check with employees that are presently working with the company and ask if they're happy and if they're getting decent hours. Don't be afraid to ask your potential employer for current employee references that you can check on. It's not just a one way street.
  4. I?ve been in the industry for almost a decade. Pretty much all I?ve seen is ten bucks an hour to start for a green horn. Along with tool loans, etc., plus per diem .and topping out around $20 or so an hour. (I?ve never made crew leader though.) With over a couple years? experience, no way would I take less than $15 an hour. These days I wouldn?t start for less than $15 at a new company. I like per diem to be about $75-plus a day and let me get the room or handle my own living. I?m just a climber starting his own company. I?ve not had my own business till now, although as a climber with a bit of experience, I would expect no less than $15 per hour to start with a rapid set of raises shortly after. With the turnover rate for most companies, if you can?t top out a climbers pay within the first year he most likely will not be around for the second. As for piece work, no way as a climber would I touch that. If someone forgot to order such and such part I wouldn?t want to be penalized. If the truck broke down I wouldn?t want to be penalized. Speaking strictly from a climber?s point of view, I wouldn?t touch piece pay with a ten foot pole. Admittedly, my expected pay rates may be a bit off since I?ve been in Iraq the past couple years.
  5. tracy wampler

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    im well over 15 years in this industry.over the years i watched as the carriers responded to low ball company's that would cut the price of the work to get all for competition but our industry is like no other we do a job that most wont do. peice work to me is the only way to work this industry.if you show up and a part in not there you keep going if the contractor dont get it he pays you to go back to install it hold to your guns on that one.
    men that work by the hour are time spenders they put hours in.
    guys that work by the job are motivated to get the job done.
    anyone thinking the benefits pay off in the long run has not looked into the whole picture .im sure there are guys that just want to put there time in and walk away with a check. thats fine .but you are subject to the same no work rules that the sub is subject to.
    when tower climbers realize as a whole that they control the pricing of our work we can name our price in pay . i dont see that happening as an employee. the lack of unity from the tower climber results in low pay for all. 10 years ago 25 an hour was the norm for a hard working climber. today that same guy gets 18.
    why? we dont demand the pay it takes to be road dogs away from our family's .instead we back stab our pay by taking what ever we can get when we are down and out. drugs and booze has raped our industry. the workers are just tools now that get used up and set aside when there wore out. we need a movement of respect for what we do .

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