Plan for structural steel / mobilization of radio equipment or shelter all in one day!

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    Minimize impact to the building owner and tenants by utilizing a single day to perform all work that requires a crane on site. Work efficiently, and you will be saving $$$ too. Make sure your ironworking subcontractor, and your line and antenna crews can effectively work together with the crane service company to ensure that all structural steel can be installed, all radio equipment set on structural steel, and all other related site materials can be mobilized to the rooftop so a second crane is not needed.

    We are fortunate enough to self perform all structural steel fabrication and installation in addition to line and antenna work, so it is standard practice for us to have all of the structural steel installed and shelter or radio equipment installed on our first day on site (shameless plug).

    However, also do not forget that there is more than one way to mobilize materials to the rooftop of the building. There are several vendors that offer solutions for mobilization of materials to rooftops of building without the use of a truck crane. Temporary rooftop mounted ballast cranes can be very cost effective when street closure permits or large mobile crane costs due to the height or distance are factors. They typically have weight limits less than or equal to 1000-1500lbs, but when heavy picks are not required, they should be considered.

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