Please advise on how to get circumference on monopole sections

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  1. RST13

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    I have stumbled upon getting circumference/diameters on Monopole towers.
    Can anyone advise how climbers are getting circumference/diameter when you are hanging 50'-250' Monopoles attached to tower climb bolt/peg only and have no feasible access around tower.

    Options Tried:

    1. I have tried carrying rope around the tower all the way up from the ground but this took me excessive amount of time and where there coax cables mounted on the outside of the tower were in the way.
    (failed to get measurements)
    2. Attached middle size magnet to soft measure tape and tried tossing it around the tower
    (kind of worked up to 3' in diameter monopoles)

    Could anyone please advise how to get accurate circumference/diameter of every monopole's section

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  2. Jeremy C

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    One of the safest methods to getting exact specifications would be to pursue the original tower manufacturer and ask. Almost every component of the structure has a part number and can be researched. If you can find the OEM then reach out with information such as site number, City/State, etc.. They are required to keep this information on hand as every tower is specifically engineered for the exact location it is standing and may be able to pull the information instantly. Also try looking through the site. Many sites try and maintain original drawings on location to answer such questions and others prior to work commencing. Anyways this is just a thought but having been in a similar situation I thought I would chime in.
  3. RST13

    RST13 Friend of the Community

    It would be a superb solution. Unfortunately most of the time and mostly all the time manufacturer ID it's not available and I would think too that records on the structure would be kept somewhere. Or even when it is available - we are still hired to perform structural.
    To be honest there were many projects where I was provided as built drawings to perform structural mappings, to verify structure thickness, size and geometry.
    I was shocked to see so much error in what's recorded.
    Carriers and/or owners do not know exact layout and tenancy of the typical site.
    I am new as business in this field but I always collect and record data as my SOW avails.
    Thank you for your time Jeremy

    but question still stands
    after all engineering isn't about perfect solutions-it's about doing your best with limited resources
  4. Jeremy C

    Jeremy C Friend of the Community

    I'm reaching here but if you could Imagineer a jig (kind of like a wood clamp with measurement up to the maximum length needed) that would successfully measure width could you not turn that into circumference and radius even though the object is not perfectly round? I know there are online calculators to help this calculation as well? Like I said I am reaching but only trying to help! I am sure these thoughts have all went through your head as well! Good Luck!!

  5. RST13

    RST13 Friend of the Community

    Yes, if I could find a way to accurately measure one of the below, that'll be great
    radius, diameter or circumference

    I was hoping there is an instrument for tasks like one.
    Still struggling tosing measure tape with magnet
    not really sure what kind of wood clamp do you mean?
  6. scotth

    scotth Friend of the Community

    You can create a home made caliper with aluminum tubing to get the diameter. You can formulate from there once you have the diameter. tool.png
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  7. Jeremy C

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    Thank you Scotth, I was thinking something along the same lines. Glad you were able to draw it out because I do not think explanation would serve in it's place!
  8. scotth

    scotth Friend of the Community

    Anytime. If you patent it I want 10%.
  9. B Ramsey

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    you could measure the circumference at the bottom of the pole, and the top of the pole, and the total height and make a scale drawing and measure off that. Or measure the circumference at the bottom and 10' up and come up with a formula. Circumference divided by 3.14 is the diameter. But to get a tape around a large pole while hanging from it may require two people, one to throw tape around and the other to catch it.

    "Pie are round, cornbread are square."
  10. Rev. Trshpuppy

    Rev. Trshpuppy First Time Poster

    Most monopoles have 18 panels. One could climb to the elevation, measure one of the panels and then multiply by 18. That would give a close circumference. Then use that number /3.14...

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