Please provide problem details if you get an error

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    Please provide as many details as possible whenever you have a problem such as the browser and version you are using as well as the operating system (such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1. etc.). Also, provide the exact address you were using when the problem occurred.

    Our first suggestion is to clear your temporary internet files and restart your computer.

    If you're using IE11 and there's a problem, close out and reopen the program. Then hit the F12 key and easily set your browser mode to an earlier IE version. But let us know if that fixes the problem and what the problem was in detail.

    On occasion, if your internet provider - or the ISP used by Wireless Estimator - has a short connection outage (for even a second or so), that will disconnect you from our site and you will receive an error message.

    The ESL is used successfully every day for rolling over 400 jobs, but one inconvenienced user is one too many. Details, details, details, please.

    You can use this forum to alert us to a problem you are having or send the information to

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