Please provide the FCC with photographs of the bird kills

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    I don?t believe the communications industry is purposely constructing cell and TV towers in callous disregard to our environment. In fact, new applications for wireless communications have helped to provide research groups with tools to better monitor wildlife and other natural environments. Cell phones also help to save human lives.

    For those industry individuals that state they have seldom seen dead birds at a tower site, we have to trust that they are sincere and their information should be given due consideration by the FCC. For those birders who frequently discuss the one or two questionable studies that have been provided on the number of bird deaths, I hope that the FCC will view their collective concerns as one comment since that is the only frame of reference that they have regarding the number of birds that have died.

    If, however, there is a serious problem that exists and there are numerous bird deaths that occur with a great amount of frequency, as some birders have alleged, it would be helpful if they can provide additional documentation in the form of a photograph.

    They can use their camera/cell phone and take photos of the fatalities and provide them to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Audubon Society or some other active group that is as equally as concerned. That organization can then provide the cataloging and documentation.

    Although there have been a couple of pictures that have been posted on the web, they are the only ones referenced and do not reflect what is being described as a catastrophic environmental event by conservation groups.

    Cell sites by nature typically have small fenced in compounds that would not require the photographer to trespass in order to provide the photographs. Guyed towers are normally in open fields with easy access. Taller TV towers in some markets have had homes and trailers built beneath them and are also open to the public.

    Cell phone video and still cameras have been responsible for exposing injustices of all types and have helped to shape a greater awareness for calls to action by many government agencies. The ?bird kill? concern should be no different and the FCC should move forward in doing whatever is necessary and reasonable to solve the problem ? if in fact there is a problem that has been throughly documented.

    Jason Fortier
    Pontiac, Michigan

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