Post installation slipping can be costly

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  1. Wireless Estimator

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    Many slip fit monopoles have specific jacking specifications to ensure a proper connection. Ignoring them can cause a remobilization to re-tension the climbing
  2. David Osburn

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    On the first monopole on the Taos skyline we made sure to leave the come-alongs on during the pick and re-tensioned.
  3. Jason Beduhn

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    Wow, this is new to me! I have always seen "just let it settle on its own". After stacking and putting a platform antenna mount at the top it was always a unexpected when the tower would settle. It was interesting to see a new hand's face when that happened. More info on this subject would be great. I cant even count how many times I have arrived at a site and the safty climb had about 1-2' of slack in it. I know what causes that! Good topic.

  4. Marcello Posada

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    I can't even begin to count the times we have gotten a phone call regarding this issue. When we asked if the poles have been jacked together per our recommended guidelines, we have always been told that indeed that was the case. Then we send our field crew out to site to find out that when we do jack the pole one more time, it only takes a few pounds of pulling force to make that slip joint go together to design standards.

    We always recommend to jack the slip joints of a pole at time of installation, granted sometimes it might not be needed because the female sections could be heavy enough that it would settle on its own, but then again you sometimes get those short sections that could take some jacking in order to get it together.

    Jason, if you want I could share our installation guidelines with you, you'll find good information regarding this topic.

    Marcello Posada

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