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Discussion in 'The PIM Corner' started by Wireless Estimator, Sep 26, 2011.

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    Today, with up to a dozen components in the RF path, it's not your dad's network any longer with a simple antenna and cable assembly coupled to a radio configuration.

    Riding on the coattails of diplexed transmitters and receivers, transmitter channels sharing a common antenna, high receiver sensitivity and high transmitter signal levels is network efficiency-depleting passive intermodulation distortion - PIM.

    PIM is the unwanted signal or signals generated by the non-linear mixing of two or more frequencies in passive devices.

    PIM is clearly a consequence of design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance issues.

    As requested by a number of viewers, Wireless Estimator has introduced a PIM Corner to discuss these topics. You're invited to provide your questions, comments, troubleshooting issues or any other matter regarding PIM that will result in higher quality networks.

    Learn from experienced testers and engineers so that you won't have to go through an expensive learning curve in the field.
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