Pulling Cell Tower Deaths is interesting

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  1. gene ledbetter

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    Maybe it's done a lot and I just don't realize it, but I've never seen a national program, especially one touted as a major investigation, being pulled just before it's ready to air with no explanation.

    It could be that they didn't have their ducks in a row or more climbers and companies came forward with additional information after they learned about the investigation and they'll present it in a reedited version.

    Either way we'll find out. They're not about to dump a year's worth of research. Or you would think they wouldn't.
  2. michaellassiter

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    Scheduled for Sunday, 2/26 at 9:00 pm on our local PBS channel, UNC-MX
  3. Wireless Estimator

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    Your schedule appears to be when the North Carolina PBS station was originally going to broadcast it and they haven't been informed that it will not be available for that or any other date they chose until it is re-edited and/or released by Frontline.

    Whereas Frontline has limited ability to get stations to schedule programs at a specific date and time, most stations will accommodate a set date so that the Public Broadcasting Service can effectively promote the schedule nationally.

    However, Frontline is produced at WGBH-TV in Boston, Mass. and distributed through PBS, so if, as Frontline said yesterday that they were pulling the show, they have, and member stations will not have access to it.

    A number of PBS stations are still showing that they are going to air the program on the original scheduled date of Feb. 21.

    Frontline has informed Wireless Estimator that it has been rescheduled and when it is ready to be released again they will contact us and we'll publicize the new air date
  4. clarksmith

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  5. Andrew

    Andrew Industry Observer

    Is this why I'm having a bear of a time finding a job now? I've worked one day this year. My phone isn't ringing. I spoke to an employer in FL that said he's getting 100s of resumes a day.

    I also had an employer from So. Cali e-mail me with an inquiry and when I followed up he told me he was getting buried in resumes.

    A company up in Maine that I know has laid off all employees.

    How many of us are out of work right now, and is there a connection to the Frontline investigation?
  6. Bshire

    Bshire Industry Observer

    I don't think it has anything at all to do with Frontline.

    It probably has more to do with Clearwire being out of funds and LightSquared's collapse. They were trying to hold on, but now they're being sued and are missing payments. They're basically calling it quits.

    I'll bet the steel companies got hit hard as well.

    Lately it's been a slipperly slope for contractors. Like trying to hold onto greased guy wires
  7. yourfavoritewife

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    My husband and I provided footage for the Frontline report. I was contacted by ProPublica after they saw some of our footage online. We then provided additional video from the ground and tower, making a climb on a day off to do it.
  8. dbliles51

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    It's time for sure the world knows what all happens or doesn't when you turn your phone on. Like working nights on a communication tower, and OSHA, NATE, FCC,and FAA act like they had know idea that was going on.Well come on out! The Tower Dogs show was a joke I was disappointed I/the crew took off early to watch that junk! I'm so sick of filling out JSA's to cover everyone ass when the bottom line is greed!
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  9. rbjones0324

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    I personally can not wait to see this special. I have been in this industry a long time and I am curious as to how they portrayed us and if they show the true harsh reality of working in this field...

    Also, I read previous comments on this thread about people looking for work. The company I am working for based in Central Alabama is hiring. Stay Safe!!!!!
  10. dbliles51

    dbliles51 Friend of the Community

    I told alot of people to watch the episode on 2/26/2012 but it's NOT on again!!
  11. sam_sam_sam

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    I really hope that they will air this. I would like to see what is really going on here.
  12. christopher85

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    I had a friend die from falling from a 120 ft monopine. At that time, OSHA was a joke and not to mention the police were laughing, no joking, next to my friend who was still in the dirt under a tarp next to them.

    They need to dig into this. We do not get paid enough for the services we do and the deadlines the corporations put on us to be away from our families having to work into weekends, holidays and weeks upon weeks of being in hotels. They need to have their new system up and running by next week when the next people are not scheduled for a month to turn it on.
  13. mikes250

    mikes250 First Time Poster

    I am interested to see what they have. I work in the industry and I know first hand how the game is played. Money can buy anything, including crazy schedules and deadlines. I bet they didn't even touch the surface on this. Even in a year. I would be willing to say they are just close enough that they see roses but smell the stink.
    Let's face it, most of the deaths in the buisness is related directly to faulty use of saftey equipment or a lack of leadership on the site.

    I do agree that lack of sleep, days off, pats on the back and appreciation are rare and far in between. This is directly related to most mistakes on the job, fatal or not. The industry is in such a up roar, that everyone is trying to pinch the pennies to stay competitive. Fewer Crews + More Sites + Shorter Deadlines - 15% of drivers or bid considerations = Deaths due to lack of saftey, sleep and days off.

    I have been made to push crews very hard and fast while still trying to maintain safety. It was tough and we were always behind schedule, but I will not push crews to work so hard they forget to tie off, or just don't think they have to because everyone is saying get it done. Honest accidents plauge this industry, but there is still serveral broken spokes in the wheel. We all need them fixed, not ignored!
  14. towertrash

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    You can't really blame the companies you work for on the pushing. I've been in the industry since '96 and have seen the game change so much in that time. It use to be that the customers would pick the best company for the job (Verizon is the only one who still does this) and there was no real rush to finish the job. Now it's two guys. a rope and a truck that win all the jobs. Then we are stuck with going back and cleaning up their work.

    On top of that safety was never an issue. I didn't know what a safety was until almost 3 years in. We would cut the leg straps off and when we got to the top the shirts came off and the shoulder straps were hanging. I never felt in danger. I wasn't worn out from fighting a safety climb all the way up the tower or double clicking.

    Don't get me wrong, I now watch my guys like a hawk and make sure they are following the rules. After watching a friend fall it changed my views on using safeties. It only takes one mistake and its lights out. I have stopped the mad pace that I was expected to do for the last 8 years. It's not worth it.

    We need to put the blame where it belongs. On the shoulders of the Bechtel, Nsoro and the other middle management companies that take all the profit and none of the risks. These companies have destroyed this industry.

    I use to enjoy this job, now it's just a way to pay the bills. Sad, because I have true love for this industry.

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