PVC Conduit inside of Monopole

Discussion in 'Tower, Rooftop and Antenna Installation' started by Rob Mallett, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Rob Mallett

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    Anyone ever build or have to deal with a monopole that has PVC conduit running up the inside of it? The existing cables (7/8) were run inside 2' conduit to the top. I have no idea how this PVC is hung, I need to remove it so that I can run 12 1 5/8 runs...never ran into anything like this before, I am hoping someone out there has, or has built something like this and can give me any clues. I have already tried pulling it down from the top, and I am about to try and pull it from the bottom and out the top. Running out of ideas and I've got people up my...well you know

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