Questions regarding RFI OSHA-2014-0018-0001 - Communication Tower Safety

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    A number of important questions have been asked regarding Wireless Estimator’s module for answering OSHA’s RFI ID: OSHA-2014-0018-0001. If you have any additional questions on the Communication Tower Safety Pre Rule Inquiry, please post them here.

    If you want to supply comments regarding OSHA’s 38 questions that OSHA is asking industry stakeholders, provide them here: .

    Q: If my answer to a question has already had a similar reply, will submitting basically the same comment be given any additional weight.

    A: Yes. In fact, OSHA recommends that all stakeholders should respond, providing their comments are not simply “I agree,” or are form-letter-type responses. Each person’s perspective is important, even if it is in basic agreement with another submitter's comment.

    Q: Will my comment be read and reviewed by OSHA?

    A: Yes, Wireless Estimator will be compiling all comments into a PDF that will be electronically submitted every week to OSHA through its eRulemaking Program. This submission process conforms with and exceeds all docket comment requirements on

    Q: Can I edit or delete a comment that I made?

    A: No. Neither can Wireless Estimator. Once you have submitted your comment, like the eRulemaking Program on, you cannot edit it. However, you can comment again clarifying your statement.

    Q: Will my comment and information be available for others to see?

    A: Yes. Any information that you provide on Wireless Estimator’s module will be available to be seen by OSHA as well as anyone else using the internet.

    Q: Why do you accept Anonymous comments?

    A: In order to be in compliance with, which allows Anonymous or pseudonym comment posts, Wireless Estimator has provided the same opportunity to submitters. See comment highlight from below.

    Q: Can I upload documents?

    A: No, not on Wireless Estimator, but you can provide your comments and supportive documents on

    Q: Why can’t I see my comment?

    A: Comments may take up to 12 hours to appear. If your comment does not appear after that time it could be that it did address the specific question or contained inappropriate language. To ensure the integrity of the submission process, all comments that have not been posted will be provided to the Agency contact prior to the submission deadline.

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