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Discussion in 'Climbing Towers' started by Walnut, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Walnut

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    I currently have OSHA 10, competent climber, rf safety, fall protection, and capstain hoist training certs.

    Now I have $2500 to spend and am wondering what's next? My short term goal is to be a top hand, tiger team climber in the future. Long term I'm interested in a job as a safety officer, training green hands, running trainings for climbers. Can anyone recommend a few good courses to take with that money?

  2. Kevin Reski

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    Salutations Walnut, As a tower business owner operator, you should know that if I were hiring you up as a unexperienced tower hand, I would not be intending to eventually groom you for a future safety director/trainer in the long run after you have been working on towers (upwards of 10 years).

    By the time you rcvd adequate field experience climbing & erecting towers, the training you currently are paying for & have paid for will be old & may be of no monetary value to an a potential employer when hiring you for an in house safety / training person.

    The training you have now is great for someone looking to hire you to hit the road as a tower worker bee in your geographical area. My experience here at GPTowers; 95% of tower climbers don't last 5 years in this business, 98% of tower workers don't last 10 years & 99.9% dont last 15 years. But then again, who wants to work for a psycho boss like me. Grin,,,,,
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  3. The Possum

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    That is because you worked them to death Kevin!

    The average age of a LMRS tech is 58 yrs old.

    When a company only has one or two employee's - "you" have to climb the tower to fix the problem.

    These young guns that you hire don't stay because you tell them that they HAVE to climb the tower when it is covered in ice, when it is zero outside and when it is 98* in the shade.
    When the schedule becomes more important then the person - the person has no loyalty to you or your company.

    Eventually if this person is married, their relationship dissolves, because they are never home. The employee resorts to drinking and doing drugs to get them through the day.

    A old ham - 92 yrs old that owned a two way radio shop ( LMRS ) was riding down the road with a young ham on his way to a hamfest. The old ham told the young ham about how he used to do the service work for ___ county and their 300' tower along the road going to the hamfest.

    The young ham asked the old ham why did you stop doing support work for that customer? The old ham replied because I woke up one day and I realized that I wasn't 82 anymore.

    How many 50 year old guys could you get to climb a 300' tower on a daily basis?
    The answer is ZERO!
    When the employer is only looking to fill his own pockets with the profit, he will chew you up and spit you out.
    The employer is not looking for a long term investment - because eventually you will get sick and you will get old and he doesn't want anyone on his team that doesn't produce a profit.
    Eventually the cell tower industry will be replaced with something else. The house of cards will either fall or be replaced by something closer to the ground or higher in the sky.

    They can hire some educated dummy that fulfills the educational role of safety adviser for the company today - cheaper by hiring some college kid and working him / her for a couple of years - until the build out is complete and then let them go , easier, then they can hire someone and keep them on the payroll 20+ years - long after they are too old or debilitated from all the years of climbing.

    Cellular telephone was only invented in 1982 and wasn't wide spread until 1992, so the whole cellular industry is only 32 years old!
    Kevin was probably 13 years old when the first cell phones came out and only got into cell tower construction because someone in his family had already established themselves somewhere else, or their family was rich and it was just a good investment.

    You don't wake up one day and say - I'm going to start my own tower construction company, get a loan, buy a bunch of equipment, and start building towers. It is a long and drawn out process.
  4. Kevin Reski

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    That rant was apparently written by an old bitter Possum who has strong opinions about me, my tower company & the communications tower trade in general. Lets get back to subject of finding "Walnut" a job as a safety director/officer for tower climbers.
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  5. Well I'm 58 years young I've been in the tower business since Dec. 2001 .I've been told I work the kids into the ground, now I'm not the first up or the fastest up butt when I'm there it's work SMART not hard . Remember always 100% tied off. I'm a tech III top hand now adays most of the 4g LTE stuff is 200 or less typically in Fl. I truly love this business the whole cell phone and data thing I'm proud to be part of . It's not that hard or demanding other than the heat but it's most often kooler in the air!! If you use your rope wisely it'll do most the work for you just don't be afraid to climb up and move the rope!!!
  6. those certs you have EVERYONE climbing towers HAS TO HAVE. You need to focus on bigger and more expensive training even college to do what you wanna do
  7. Safety One

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    You may consider training that applies to safety, skills and at height work but is not limited to specifically tower work. So as others have said, if you do get out of the business it is still an applicable skill for perhaps other at height industries. You may want to consider pursuing Sprat Level I, which is rope access training certified by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians ( There are numerous training companies out theree who provide this, including us,

    Thanks and good luck!

    Kevin R. Carter
    Director of Business Development
    Safety One Training International, Inc.
    303-734-0772 Office

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