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  1. Mark Chaffee

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    Good Morning - newbie..

    We are a rural internet services provider, seeking to assist a school district with some high speed access issues. Their request puts us in a position to look at constructing a tower as there are none in the area, and so we are wondering how does a tower owner go about recruiting tower tenants? We'd like to distribute the cost, and have no experience in the field, but know it is the only application of ease available to the district.

    Any clues?

  2. Matt Beaupre

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    Tower tenants frequently release search rings which shows a geographical area of where they may need to expand coverage. The rings are generally based on coverage needs and budgets. I would suggest that you contact the major wireless companies in your area, as well as the fire department, police department, EMS, military installation (if one is nearby), wireless internet service provider. These are your typical tenants on a tower.
  3. Bob Hardee

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    I was a site ac manager at a major tower operator. We called on the service providers (cellular, pcs, paging companies and all others who require wireless facilities) and sent them maps with the coordinates and details of the site. You need to construct a tower of sufficient height and strength as well as a footprint large enough to accommodate the ground equipment (shelters, cabinets, etc) that will be needed.

    Bob Hardee
  4. David Ward

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    Once your tower is constructed, get your site listed in a comprehensive site directory. Send you information to It's free to get your site listed.

    - David Ward
  5. Ken Schmidt

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    And whatever you do- don't pay anyone to help market your site location or place the site within a "site list." And do not use "site management" companies- they charge 25% to 33% and will do less to get a tenant on your site than you can.

    Without local marketing representation- your site will simply sit on a list that may or may not be distributed to carriers in other states.

    The only effective way to market a tower site (raw land or new build) is to contact the carriers directly or to have a local agent who works with the carriers contact them on your behalf.

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