Reports including poorly installed tower mods

Discussion in 'Design, Development and Standards Discussions' started by Chas Wagner, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Chas  Wagner

    Chas Wagner Industry Observer

    Has anyone seen reaction to TIA/EIA annual reports that point out the after effects of poorly installed modifications? I am aware of numerous such reports sent to several owners with no resulting work to remedy the tower's condition. At what point will the level of rehab needed get them moving? Many of the issues that I've seen will have increased cost the longer they wait to be repaired.
  2. Anita Hamilton

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    Unfortunately, Chas, it's the Big B. Budget! I understand that Crown is one of the few companies that takes it seriously. Could be wrong since most of them would never admit to having anything done that was not up to par.

    I know that Crown is taking a serious look at their guy anchor foundations to make sure that the rods are not corroded.

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