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    To our knowledge, no such site exists. However, we have been compiling as much information as we can obtain regarding the states and counties that have adopted the newest revision. It is available at:
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    on a page of wireless, , the page says "It is required that engineers use this standard when reanalyzing new applications that go beyond the original scope of the tower loading when it was designed and constructed under previous TIA/EIA revisions. Therefore, all co-location applications not initially considered in the original design will require the tower to be reanalyzed under Rev G."
    It doesn't say who "requires" it. could any body clarify who it is that is "requiring" use of the G code in the case of co-location?
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    If a permitting body requires Revision G to be used for the design of antenna supporting structures and antennas, then Revision G requires that all towers in the authority?s jurisdiction be reanalyzed under Revision G as referenced below:

    "15.4 Changed Conditions Requiring a Structural Analysis
    As a minimum, existing structures shall be analyzed in accordance with this Standard, regardless of the standard used for the design of the original structure, under any of the following conditions:
    a) a change in type, size, or number of appurtenances such as antennas, transmission lines, platforms, ladders, etc.
    b) a structural modification, excepting maintenance, is made to the structure
    c) a change in serviceability requirements
    d) a change in the classification of the structure to a higher class in accordance withTable 2-1.?

    If, however, Revision G has not been adopted by the local permitting authority, then the code requirements in force must be followed which should not require an analysis for a co-location to be run under Revision G.

    It?s always best to check with the local governing agency.
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    It is my understanding that there is a web site that identifies the county's in a state that have adopted the new Revision G standard. Can anyone direct me to this site or know where I can find this information easily?

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