Revision G will change permitting for mounts

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  1. Bob Cantwell

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    It's my understanding that the new TIA/EIA Revision G will require contractors to have sealed drawings for the antenna mounts and platforms when they go for a building permit. It used to be that we didn't have to provide anything, but I'm being told that I'll now have to show that the mount meets the co-location site's design requirements for its exact location within the state. Can anybody share any information? Also, when is this new design supposed to be out? I have heard that it might be published in June, but does that mean it will be in effect then or is there a grace period?
  2. Wireless Estimator

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    According to the Chairman of TIA/EIA Committee, Craig Snyder, Revision G will be out late this summer or early fall. Once it is released, building departments and other interested parties should be using it at that time. However, it typically takes a while to bring the industry up to speed. Technically, you're supposed to have sealed drawings for mounts that you are installing now, but it is seldom enforced and oftentimes not required. With Rev G. you are going to see more building departments and tower owners requiring them to protect their assets and to be in compliance.

    Manufacturers and distributors realize that there is going to be call for them and are identifying how they can serve their customers quickly when design drawings are requested.

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