RF Exposure?

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    This is a common problem I've seen. You're asked to work on a site on which all antennas are live. Whether it be installing new antennas just below or next to active ones, or doing routine maintenance (downtilting, setting azimuth, etc) on a live sector.

    The question is: what's legal? I'm a tower climber, and we're constantly asked to work around live antennas, and often times it leads to headaches and awkward working conditions. What is the proper procedure for working near live antennas? What can we as tower climbers do to prevent this unsafe activity without risking our jobs?
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    GME Supply sells a device called the fieldSENSE. Its an excellent device, which is affordable, and easy to use.

    -Beau Aero, GME Supply, www.gmesupply.com

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