Rigging Sprint Vision Radio Heads ?

Discussion in 'Tower, Rooftop and Antenna Installation' started by openshortload, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. openshortload

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    Has anyone else struggled with finding a good, safe way of hoisting the RRH? I find it pretty ludicrous that they spend an absurd amount of money designing these radios, yet they put no thought into how they are gonna get them on the tower. I don't get it, people can get hurt when there is a 65 lb radio above them. Just curious if you guys have any ideas?
  2. Wireless Estimator

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    Great question, openshortload. Hopefully there will be some answers regarding this serious problem and Samsung and others will take note for future designs.

  3. Marc LeClair

    Marc LeClair Frequent Poster

    It is a serious problem. Some of the RRHs like Alcatel Lucent's look like they are bears to bring up.

    I'm not in a position to do it, but can't someone contact B&V or the company they are working for and ask for the correct way to raise them?

    You would think they would want to make sure that they don't have the problem of a ruined unit and a site delay and possibly a fatality.

    Goodman Networks tells you what type of rigging equipment you can have on the jobsite. Why can't they tell you how you should rig the RHH?
  4. Kelly Calders

    Kelly Calders Frequent Poster

    LOL pictures. The picture frame method seems like it might be a little overkill when duct tape would probably be just as good and less expensive.

    HERSHDADDY First Time Poster

    This is by far the best and easiest way that i have found to raise the radios and antennas

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  6. Eric Ginder

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    Trying to fly an RRH by its self is pretty much a waste of time, unless you are part of a tiger team replacing a single bad RRH that has tested bad. Most RRH's are being mounted to the tower due to light weight booms and require being mounted to a new mast pipe whether it is going to collar mount, tower leg or on the boom itself.

    With that being said, just mount the RRH's to the new mast pipe and fly it up in one single unit with any grounding, plumbing and weather proofing that can be done before testing has to be performed. If you have to fly an RRH by itself do not clip a beaner to the handle alone! There have been a couple cases of the screws failing and RRH's burning into the ground.

    You can use chokers, slings and pig ropes to secure the RRH. Everyone seems to overthink how to rig RRHs, but any seasoned tower hand can rig something up safely. We have too many green installers who are certified to climb trying to slap this stuff together when the older seasoned guys are hard to come by these days.
  7. Eric Ginder

    Eric Ginder Friend of the Community

    No offense to the green hands trying to do the right thing, but there is a tremendous lack of seasoned tower hands with the current boom in construction. Take your time, think things through when rigging up and all should be well. Be safe!
  8. TexasHardHitter

    TexasHardHitter First Time Poster

    This is how we do it in Texas. mas.JPG asdf.jpg
  9. perry.richard27

    perry.richard27 First Time Poster

    I agree with the industry boom i talk to numerous "top hands" who have been climbing for 3 months. No matter what a tower hand has to think on the fly. I just ran across this on the last site i did for sprint, we thought it would be better to build it all in the air. BIG MISTAKE!...the best way to handle the multiple RRH bullshit is to assemble as much as possible to the mass pipe on the ground then fly, assuming you have head room. BE SURE TO TAKE GOOD MEASUREMENT OF THE TOP AND BOTTOM OF THE BOOM FACE.

    MEASURE TWICE FLY ONCE...Most people are so big of a hurry to "show progress" they end up double working and taking way longer than they should. All towers are not the same, try to find what works with your crew and stick with it. As for flying alcatel lucent RRH's alone, just run your nuts down on the mounting brackets a ways and tape the bolt behind the nut to assure the nuts wont back out, they arent going anywhere and throw a beaner on the bracket. the guys on the tower will have to manhadle the RRH but thats tower work.


  10. JDodeck

    JDodeck First Time Poster

    Been on a Sprint Vision project for a few weeks now. Flying these whole assemblies is a pain. It's causing us nothing but trouble. We are the top platform on all of our monopoles and lifting this 300 lb fully loaded mast pole is ridiculous; whether it be dodging other booms or just getting them up mounted to hand rails. Even with proper tagging and a gin pole set were having major problems getting them into position.

    Tomorrow we are going to attempt to fly just the mast pole with our 1900 RRH'S mounted to the bottom to cut down in weight and then fly our antenna with lines attached to it and then 800 RRH'S. We're hoping it will go a lot smoother than our previous sites. But any input would be appreciated and will post results.
  11. sniklefritz

    sniklefritz First Time Poster

    I find it pretty ludacris that you would post that question on here...you sound like every new guy/amature tower guy i come across. I didnt have a problem finding several ways to properly and safely rig an rrh with no problems at all and i would think any expirienced tower guy/construction should be able to do the same without askin for help from the tower industry. Arent ther any expirienced veterens at your company whos brain you can pick for an idea before you openly announce your ignorance to the indusry. Just a thought. this
  12. openshortload

    openshortload Friend of the Community

    Thanks for the input guys , really helpfull and constructive feedback. Just trying to see what other climbers were doing with the 65 MHz radios , but figured my dilemma out thanks to the PIM goddess . Tie or fly .. Stay safe !
  13. Dreck

    Dreck First Time Poster

    I find it Ludacris that you didn't have someone proofread your post. I would be embarrassed by the grammar and spelling mistakes if I made this post. Just something to think of next time before you openly announce your ignorance to the industry.
  14. chevydmax04

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    we build 70 Sprint Vision sites all across Kansas over the past year, never had a problem rigging and lifting sectors. We even mastered a way to safely lift and stick them with negative headroom! Quite a feat when you consider they are 400lbs+ with 4 RRH's.
  15. kdelacruz

    kdelacruz First Time Poster

    Cold shrink is not UV resistant. Might want to look into ways of resolving the weatherproofing issue.

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