1. Jason Alves

    Jason Alves Friend of the Community

    In my years working in this industry, I have seen a few things used as a rooster head to pick steel. I also have had my share in using the other customers' T-arms for rigging. The other day I saw a contractor with a pipe 3" OD 3' tall with 1'-6" piece welded. The piece that was welded was bent 90 degrees. At the tip of the 90, is where he placed his block. The foreman of the crew, told me that all they do is slip it in the hole on the T-arm. At the end of the T-arm, there is a 2' pipe that's welded to the arm by the manufacturers. It's is were you would attach your horizontal pipes for your antenna attachments. The foremen also told me that he has been using it ever since he's been with the company. He wasn't sure where it was manufactured or if it was made at the shop. Rigging was never made so easier. I was wondering, is there a tower manufacturer that makes this? Or, was it made at the shop. I would hope that that contractors knows the strenght of the welds.

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