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  1. Sheila Holbrook

    Sheila Holbrook Friend of the Community

    This may not be the right place to ask this, but does anyone know the going rate, per square foot, to add space for a backup generator for an existing cell tower? If this is not the right forum, maybe someone could direct me to a landlord forum. I also have want to know some other going rates. We have about ten sites I'm dealing with. Thanks.
  2. John Sandford

    John Sandford Frequent Poster

    There's a big move to harden sites throughout the nation and gen sets are one of the top priorities. I don't believe that you'll find a "going rate" because it's rare that the top ten tower owners have any published information. Chances are it is whatever the market will bear. It will also depend upon the available square footage of the existing site that is available. I'm aware of some sites where tenants are making deals with each other to share a new generator that will serve both of them. However, it would be interesting to hear from other readers if they know what the big boys are charging to add a new gen set pad.
  3. Sheila Holbrook

    Sheila Holbrook Friend of the Community

    Thanks for getting back to me. I am in Nor. Cal. where land is expensive, however, there is plenty of room at our sites. I'm glad you mentioned the sharing of generator power. If they do this, I will be a part of it, I hope. They are offering $300, and it's a big boy company. "That's all they'll go, or they'll go elsewhere." I've heard that a 1000 times, but they don't have anywhere else to go. Do you know what the going rate is for a carrier to sub-lease/piggy-back an antenna? I know what it is, carrier to carrier, but don't know what percentage the landlord should receive. I have heard 15-20%. To add on the a facility, the beginning offer is $1.50 sq. ft. (That's where they start.)
  4. Blake Bowers

    Blake Bowers Industry Observer

    To be honest, we are just hitting the carriers for 100-200 for space for a generator pad, providing they will not hinder setting more buildings. Overbuilds of another dish or couple of antennas get me another 300 or so.
  5. Sheila Holbrook

    Sheila Holbrook Friend of the Community

    Hi Blake-
    To me, why do they need 144 sq. feet for a generator pad? I just made a piggy back deal for more than $300. We should probably not be on this site. We are not going to liked too much/
  6. Blake Bowers

    Blake Bowers Industry Observer

    Hi Shelia,

    To me, 144 sq is fair enough, unless it puts a cramp in the space. Most of my spaces have more than enough room to facilitate that. A 12 by 12 area, when you figure a fuel tank, and a genset, seems about right.

    Sounds like you did well!

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