Say It Ain't So, Bechtel. It Ain't!

Discussion in 'Safety - General Safety Issues' started by Bob Cantwell, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Bob Cantwell

    Bob Cantwell Industry Observer Staff Member

    It sounds like someone wanted to use the "three-man" phony rule to charge their customer for additional men at the work site if it was a T&M project; otherwise, I have no idea why somebody would go through all of this trouble to send out this fictitious rule. Good heavens, you mean we're now going to have to question everything we see on the internet or in an email?
  2. Wireless Estimator

    Wireless Estimator Administrator Staff Member

    A fictitious email purported to be from Bechtel is circulating on the net. It looks like a typical ?safety first? tailgate message, with a distribution to hundreds of the industry?s key construction managers working on a Cingular project, but after a closer read it quickly falls apart.

    In the message from Bechtel there is a reprinted OSHA August Newsletter article that provides an overview of past tower climber fatalities. It also contains a paragraph that says:

    ?Fred McDougal, Chief Inspector for OSHA commented on new measures being implemented by OSHA. ?OSHA is working diligently to lower the risk of fatalities by performing spontaneous site inspections. If a tower company is working on any tower above 250 feet with less then a three man crew they will be fined. If the crew does not have a safety plan on site they will be fined. If they are not harnessed and tied off properly they will be fined?.?

    The Bechtel email originator said that he never authored it. Chief Inspector McDougal can?t respond because nobody seems to know where he can be contacted. Most importantly, there is no regulation that says that if work is to be performed on a tower over 250? there has to be a three man crew on site.
  3. Jason Beduhn

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    I agree! Even going over my NC new standards which go beyond OSHA's requirements. They state that 2 employees can be on a site as long as one is deemed competent or certified climber and the other is on their probationary period less then 6 months with the company. There are no height requirements except for being 6' or higher on the structure. This information can be found on this website under the "Industry Standards" on the menu bar.

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