Secure weld material containers

Discussion in 'Electrical/Telco/Grounding' started by Wireless Estimator, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Wireless Estimator

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    Store all weld material containers in their boxes in a secure location in your construction vehicle, otherwise the igniting materials will settle towards the center and the powder will not ignite no matter how many times you strike your flint igniter.
  2. Luke Tirrell

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    Simple solution to that is Cadweld Plus. There is no "starter material" as it is ignited by an electronic starter. It also does not require the disc or "penny" as some call it. By the way, pennies DO NOT work unless they were made prior to 1970. After that there was zinc added to the middle of each penny which does not react well with the Copper and Aluminum Oxide in the weld metal.

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