Sharp should only apply to the installer

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  1. Wireless Estimator

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    Some manufactured snap in hangers can have very sharp edges and can easily cut a technician. If you find any of these, let the distributor or manufacturer know so that they can provide better quality control and a safer product
  2. Jason Alves

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    Gitter Done. Your right on that one.
  3. Steven Hagee

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    Guys this is a result of some short cuts by mfg's. Site Pro 1 is well aware of the hazards associated with the use of some competing brands of hangers.

    For that reason we:

    radius every single corner so there are no sharp edges

    tumble the parts to remove any burrs from the manufacturing process

    Our last process is a degreasing that removes all oils so that the installers hands do not become slippery.

    The pennies it cost to do this is well worth helping to create a safe working environment for the installer!

    Steve Hagee
  4. Jason Alves

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    Not for nothing but its snap-in hangers. I rather deal with the little cuts on the fingers rather then a really sharp edge from something else. The best way to fix all this, is wear baseball batting gloves.
  5. Jason Beduhn

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    Some? Heheh. Almost every time I snap in a 250' tower with 12 lines I'm all bloody. This is with different brands. But then again I'm just trying to Gitter Done!


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