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    This fancy new tower that was built this last winter in Ft. Worth, Texas with all the rings of light has stirred a lot of talk around the industry. Good story on it, Wireless Estimator. (article link)

    Wireless Horizon was the erection contractor and did an excellent job. I was only there on the build for the last few stages, (ladder, wave guides, x bracing, numerous platforms, and those neon rings) but it was a beast for sure.
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    Thanks for sharing details about an interesting project! The staff at are all veteran tower builders and the tower in question is a one of a kind, so we can fully appreciate the challenges that were involved. Kudos to all involved!

    There must be some really unique installation photos and videos from the project. Our readers would love to see them....and they would be part of a more permanent internet existence if you would share. One thing we really hope to be able to add to this new community is a library of "cool tower videos". We plan to compile these into an upcoming video section of the site and we would also be happy to put together a photo gallery for special and unique projects such as this as well.

    Here's the picture we created in our original article.... If I had any better ones I would be happy to change this one out for some "here's how it was built" shots!


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