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    Looking for a little help/direction on who I would contact to do some Veg maintenance on cell tower sites. I have been in the landscape industry for almost 10 years and recently have obtained my applicators license in Texas to spray herbicide/pesticide. I am really wanting to get into the cell tower/right of way sector and not sure who to approach... Owners, management companies, land owners??? Any input is greatly appreciated!
  2. Paul Russell

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    Most tower companies already have people in place and it's pretty competitive like everything else in this industry.

    There's a list available of the major companies on this web site.

    One suggestion is to go to cell towers in your area and they should have contact information on the fence. I believe they are required to post it by law, but it may just be an emergency number and they're not going to talk to you about a sales call.

    While you are there, check out the condition of the vegetation and make your pitch if the site isn't maintained once you get another contact number.

    What you might also find is that the tower owners want companies that can do other maintenance other than just weed control.
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    I can confirm that most carriers want companies that can do much more than weed control.

    When I started, I was asked to do the following:
    - Weed mowing, brushcutting
    - Chain link fences repairs
    - Shelter repairs (doors, locks, floor tiles, int. and ext. lighting, water infiltration, painting)
    - Complete site checkup
    - Cable tray inspection
    - Rooftop sites inspections
    - Much more.

    And I can confirm that it's pretty competitive in this industry. Lower your rates!

    Good luck!

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