So let me get this straight about the Goodman Stand-down

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  1. HowardB

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    On May 16, a Goodman climber falls 100 ft in a serious accident.

    On May 22, PBS televises a show on tower and climber safety.

    Also on May 22, ownership, executives and management at Goodman Networks turn on PBS for the first time since they watched Sesame Street as children.

    May 23-May 24 Goodman executives and management after "lerning some gud ideas" decide that it would be good idea to do "one uh dem standowns" as a pr move. Now the impetus falls on the subs to look at a powerpoint presentation and sign off on some legal forms that further isolates Goodman Networks from their everyday stupidity and negligence.

    I think i got that about straight.
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  2. GoodmanX

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    They take safety seriously at Goofman Nutworks. You can see from the official presentation.

  3. rooster head

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    This is a trained professional tower dog who's safety certifications are completely up to date.... don't try this at home work.
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  4. Ginpole ll

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    Let me see if I have this correct. One of Goodman Networks climbers falls 100 feet. It could have been equipment or worker error, but no matter what caused the accident, the accident could have been prevented by Goodman through stricter climber enforcement, better equipment inspections or a number of other safety initiatives.

    But then they have the chutzpah to require all of their contractors to stand down on a Memorial Day weekend, the companies that didn't have an accident, the companies that have a good safety program in place so accidents like this don't happen. How can they possbily justify this?

    The answer might be that if they didn't do this they might have ticked off and lost their major customer... AT&T.

    Instead of a stand down Goodman should stand in the corner with a dunce cap until the industry agrees that they're on board with safety and not just interested in a CYA and kiss ass, knee jerk reaction.
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  5. Janfree

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    We don't do work for Goodman so I wasn't aware of this stand down or their accident until now that sadly caused it and I hope the man is getting better.

    Here's the part that makes me concerned and shows how absolutely foolish their stand down is.

    A man falls and they become the big champion of safety. Last year when there were 7 fatalities did they even care? They probably didn't have a stand down although they could very well have, but it didn't get the coverage that Wireless Estimator gave this one Friday.

    More troubling to me is that it looks like any Goodman subcontractor is compliant solely if they fax or email them a piece of paper with signatures. So the companies that are sincere about their workers safety will take the time to bring them into the office at great expense and do a truly good job of emphasizing job site safety - especially climber safety. They'll probably even do a better job than Goodman's presentation which is pretty darn basic.

    The companies that don't give a damn will tell their foremen to get all of the signatures on their form "get your butt up on the tower because we're working a short week". And as an afterthought they'll say, "And oh yea, be safe."

    Goodman has absolutely no way of knowing if their stand down is effective, but it looks like they really don't care based upon their inability to monitor if the stand down is actually observed.

    This fall in Texas and the stand down is an unseen blip on the radar screen of the real world. But in our industry it's huge.

    This is a public relations nightmare for Goodman and their customers should take note.

  6. valton

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    Looks like they punish success and reward failure.
  7. rooster head

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    Hard to believe that a major turf contractor could take such a casual approach to safety accountability on AT & T projects, or lack thereof, just days after national media coverage outlining the apathy towards safety concerns at higher levels of the wireless construction food chain. If heads don't roll, nothing will change.

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