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    The show aired the concerns myself and many people in the industry have been screaming about. We talk about it on groups and now on TV but who is actually stepping up to try and protect these boys (and girls)?

    What climbers really need is an advocate group who can get pretty loud. The show was well done, but time will pass, and nothing will change. People must keep the issues fresh and start putting their weight behind keeping these crews safe. What is the solution? Advocate group? Lobbyist group? Or the taboo word... Union? And who is willing to risk their reputation with the big bad carriers to make that happen?

    I can't imagine what a family goes through when the 'settled' fine to a company is $2500. These families and crews deserve better than that! The rest of us should honor their loss and do something now to keep the ones out there today safe.
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    If we all stopped turning wrenches for three or four days, I think all carriers would have to pay attention to us and to what's going on... But it would take all of us.
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    And why wasn't this shown on regular programming?
  4. 2 Decades of Service

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    Typical television propaganda promoting the idea that we are all too stupid to take care of ourselves and we need Washington D.C. to save us all.
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    Well, we know the answer to why that show wasn't aired on a prime time channel, and I commend PBS for taking the risk. I agree that we don't need D.C. to take care of it and OSHA didn't seem real eager to get THAT involved anyway. On another group someone mentioned that it would have to come from a grass roots level, which I agree with. No one is going to care more than the people who are closely related to the issues.
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    The industry can organize itself in grass roots campaign in a few weeks. You will wait years for the government to come to the rescue. Breaking the turf model is the answer.
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    Amen on that, I too remember the 90's. Thanks for the trip down memory lane bub. I started in 96', a time when you were told as a greenhorn "what do you mean you don't have room this other bolt bag","That's what the dorsal d-ring is for" The industry has come a long way since then. The greenhorns of "yesterday" that stayed in the industry are now in charge.

    Me personally, having seen and experienced a few near misses back then, I will not tolerate the badass my hands will never let go mentality. It is either "Tie Off or get the **** Off". All of my Co-workers and bosses know this. I have and will continue to see to it that me and my crew go home safely.

    Any experienced hands with a greenhorn on the Tower must be aware of their responsibility. It boils down to would you let a 2 yr old cross the street by themselves? No. Looking out for them and teaching them may one day save not only his life but everyone on the crew. I could type forever on this subject as I am passionate about safety and training.

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