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    My name is Mike. I'm from Alberta, Canada. Last year, I went ahead and started my own cellular site maintenance company in the area. Got my first customer, a major cellular carrier. I was sent to about 100 sites. Jobs were ranging from site and access road clearing, brushcutting and site mowing, fence repairs, shelter lighting repair, various shelter repairs as well as generator fueling. They seemed happy with my services.

    I did all the work by myself. Unfortunately, there are some things they didn't want me to do because I'm not a certified electrician (replacing grounds, HVAC maintenance...). I also do not climb towers. Do you really need to be a certified electrician to replace exterior grounds?

    Also, I did manual weed clearing (using a mower, chainsaw and a brushcutter) but I didn't spray anything. Do most carriers want herbicide to be sprayed onto their sites or they prefer manual clearing using a mower and brushcutter?

    The industry is very competitive. Finding the right person to contact for site maintenance for each carrier is not easy. I found most of the contacts for each carrier but unfortunately, they don't follow up. I'd really like to work as a sub-contractor for other carriers but they just don't seem interested... even if my rates are really low.

    During summer, there was plenty of work for my company but during winter, it's dead.

    Any tips ?


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