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  1. Our company had some PIM Equipment stolen from our staff. I am posting this out to alert all of this stolen equipment.
    We are reaching out to any and all vendors and technicians and others to make them aware of the stolen equipment.
    In the event you have any knowledge of this equipment as described below, we would appreciate your assistance to contact us. Reward for information that will lead to an arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this theft. !!
    The equipment was stolen on Wednesday 8-20-2014 from our work vehicle in Concord California.
    Stolen Telecom Test equipment
    PIM Tester- Kaelus
    Model:R90-IQA850F1V2 SN: TX2110800538
    Model: R90-iQA1921F1V2 SN: TX2111000X76
    JDSU Fiber Gear-
    Model: OLS-36 SN: P-0401
    Model: MP-60 SN: Unknown
    Model: P-5000 SN: Unknown
    Model: Anritsu-S331D SN: 705038
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.
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    I feel your pain, however, I don't know what you wish to accomplish with this information.
    Had you wrote it as being a warning that someone stole some of your equipment and to beware not to buy anything of this description, you might have gotten some bites.
    The way you wrote it, you would like to have your equipment back and you would like to punish who ever stole it.
    I don't live in California, but where I do live, most home invasions - robberies are done by people that knows you.
    If I was a tower tech that thought about going out on my own, the first thing I would be looking to steal would be some test equipment.
    My question then is - why did you have so much of the same thing on one truck. Did you want it to get stolen? Was it maybe broke and if it was stolen you could stick the insurance company, and if the person that stole it was caught, you would blame everything that was broke on that group or individual?

    Do you want your stuff back or do you want retribution?

    I don't think that you thought this out very well Terry before you posted your problem on this forum..
    If it was an inside job, then someone from the inside would have to tell on their co-worker in order for you to get the information necessary to prosecute. When that happens, no one is going to want to work with that person anymore - which means they are either going to have to change companies or find another occupation. A persons reputation is their most important asset.

    I would watch eBay for those items for sale in the next 12 months...

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