Stupid mapping mistakes 101

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    After awarding a contractor a due diligence mapping for more than125 sites, a tower owner hired another firm to check the accuracy of one of the contractor's first reports. It was missing multiple antennas and lines and shortened the tower's height by 20 feet. The contract was pulled and the reviewing contractor was awarded the project. A tower site manager was on location, but was unobserved by the contractor who pulled up in his pickup truck to map the self supporting structure. The tower technician proceeded to open a lawn chair in the bed of the truck and in a reclined position, used binoculars and a camera with a telephoto lens to map the tower, the last one he did for his company.
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    This happens more than most people are aware. Although some companies have a really good way of ensuring that the information is fairly accurate, others just take what they are handed if the forms are filled out correctly and the accompanying photographs are available. When some companies require mortgage securitization inspections or quick due diligence inspections for an asset sale sometimes the results are laughable, but the owner could care less as long as it achieved the desired result.
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    I've assisted tower owners, companies by advising them to ALWAYS have a personal interest in site audits and due diligence mapping projects. Sending one of their own into a new or existing market to work with the hired contractor insures a more accurate report and exercise. The cost of one additional employee (representative), is quite small in the greater scheme of things, but the pay off is tremendous. I've been the hired gun, sometimes the second contractor to confirm (QA) the first. Sometimes, I'm followed by others.

    There are a lot of good companies out there, take your time and call on a few.

    Remember, Due Diligence starts with you.
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    He has not been a surveyor. This happen when surveying work is awarded to Civil Engineering Companies.

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