TCAP math might not add up

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  1. Bshire

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    This might appear to be fuzzy math.

    The article says that there are approximately 25 thousand projects all carriers need done in 2014. If an average crew is 3-4 members and a job takes one week the carriers alone would need:
    1 crew = 50 jobs

    Total of all 25,000 jobs / 50 = 500 crews

    So if AT&T has 8,000 AT&T jobs they would need 160 crews.

    Bluestream, Mastec and Ericsson have approximately 375 crews dedicated to AT&T. Then you have Westower, Velocitel and MUTI and turfers like Goodman, Bechtel and their crews which could add another dedicated 125 crews or more to ATT.
    So we now have 500 dedicated crews or more doing AT&T work.

    Granted some of the work is tiger teams and ongoing maintenance but 500 At&T crews could do 25,000 AT&T jobs.

    Where am I wrong?
  2. tfowler

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    Thanks for an excellent article on TCAP. It appears that the smaller player could be squeezed out by this program. Discount the projections of six years of work for everyone. There is no 5G and all of the small cell work that was supposed to happen isn't. Plus no one can say with 100% certainty that spectrum sharing and smart antennas aren't going to cut into the business. Granted there will be equipment replacements but there will be no need for this fevered pitch for new crews.

    Our industry is maturing and with that comes consolidation. ATT is helping that to happen and it's going to raise their build costs when they have to rely upon a few large companies.
  3. Craig Snyder

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    Adding quality crews is not an easy proposition. Just ask the guys that tried it the late '90's. There's no better quality found than in small to medium sized tower companies. AT&T would do well by following the Verizon model and building relationships with the local tower contractors.

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