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    I'd like to know how often other crews actually 'calibrate' their machines with Anritsu... Recommendations are for once a year, but I've heard all they do is run the calibration like we do, except on a bench and using a bench style 'precision' 50Ohm term load/short.
    How critical is it to do every year and how often do you REALLY send them in?
    RF techs/engineers, how critical are the sweep results we get for closeouts, assuming they are all done correctly, compared to drive-tests?
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    GC's must do this everytime the sticker says to, just like the oil change sticker in your car. Anritsu will send you a reminder of an upcoming calibration needed on your test gear and the carriers expect you to keep your gear up to date by the manufacture itself with the latest software etc. Althoug your gear may be working great after a year of service its still good practice to keep up on it just in case. Imagine if a carrier your working for notices that your gear is out of its calibration date and your sweeping their site with that gear? I think you may want to keep away from the heat that might bring you and just follow the standard like all the other sheep, its a small price to pay to keep the bullys (Carriers) off your back. They are always looking for something your doing wrong.

    The sweep results are very important for a CYA, although the Techs might not look at them so much they will look at them if theres a problem with the site you just handed over so i wouldnt recommend faking them especially if want to keep a good reputation going. I found its best to be honest and troublshoot even if its going to take longer to hand over the deliverables. Nothing beats a drive test.
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    We are two companies, one a tower services company and one is an electronics repair and calibration company. For ensuring quality and accuracy of the test instruments, most calibrations are at one year intervals.

    The calibration procedure is far more detailed than just the "field calibration" we do out on site. I could bore you with some detailed description of what it takes, but I would rather let you know that given the chance, we may be able to beat the pricing you have to get these calibrations done.

    We also do multimeters, torque tools, and a variety of other electronic test instruments. Additionally we are in the process of setting up a calibration station to perform calibrations on Dillons and Dillon Quick Chek instruments.
    I would be more than happy to provide more detail about the calibration process if you wish. Thanks for climbing, be safe and go make money!

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