The big differences between wind and cell towers

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    Since tower site acquisition attorneys have a hard time getting zoning approval, I could just imagine how difficult it would be to get a wind farm endorsement.

    Even if it's in the South Bronx, it is ostentatiously stylish today to dress up a cell site as a faux farm-style windmill to get approval.

    However, it's challenging to disguise a 180-foot diameter, 800-foot tall wind turbine, unless you do the opposite: use 120-foot Lucite blades and make it look like a cell tower.

    Wind towers have a bad bird endangerment reputation as well. Some community activists call the renewable energy structures avian Cuisinarts and sparrow shredders.

    And like some taller cell towers there is a commonality of lighting issues.

    But at least with a wind turbine you can actually go out on your driveway any night of the week and practice your Saturday Night Fever disco moves without embarrassing your teen children since no one ever looks uncoordinated when there's a pulsating strobe light.

    Okay! We've got RF cancer questioners; wind energy folks have disquieting news that the turbine's three spinning blades have been known to break loose at 160 miles per hour a couple of times.

    In special exception hearings attorneys should impress upon residents that this is actually a plus since nearby homeowners could possibly increase their home's value twenty-fold after suddenly finding out that half of their residence has been relocated from Newark N.J. to Newport Beach, C.A.

    But they won't because similar to the tower siting community in its infancy, wind energy developers' representatives are not on their game yet.

    A perfect example is an attorney who said during a recent hearing, "wind turbines are not noisy. At 1,000 feet, the sound of a wind turbine is so faint it is less than the average home or office."

    It's obvious that he has never had to raise children, especially during their terrible twos.
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    Funny stuff Kelly. But you might be on target regarding how a wind turbine can cause some really serious damage. Here are some pictures.
    Windmill-Fire-1.jpg Windmill-Fire-2.jpg Windmill-Fire-3.jpg Windmill-Fire-4.jpg
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    thq.jpg th6TQPAVYB.jpg th.jpg burning-saguaro1.jpg
    I don't know where you get your measurements for these turbines. Why would you construct an 800 foot tower with 180 ft diameter blades? 250-300ft is all you need for those blades. For the last 10-15 years the installation of the "big" ones has all but eliminated bird deaths. It's the old small, under a MW sized turbine that spin so fast. The new ones are slow. As for fires? Cell towers burn also. See photos.
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    Great picture! Where did that happen? Hopefully not as a result of a smoking peyote protest.
    I was exaggerating the dimensions. I have no idea what they are.
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