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    When cutting the tail off a guy wire ensure that both ends of the wire are carefully secured. Serious injuries from a spinning wire lead the laceration list. Also, be extra careful when handling guy wire that has been warehoused outdoors for many years. The wooden reels rot, the banding corrodes, and movement can create what one tower technician described as: A 2,000-pound out of control Slinky on crack.
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    As a Tower Tech. there is nothing worse than getting guy wires on bad spools. We all know how dangerous pulling the wire off the spool is to begin with. With bad spools it makes your day a lot worse. And taking the time to try to improve the spools before getting the wire off is expensive when you have a crew sitting around. To touch on the "2,000-pound slinky on crack" this is very true. What's worse is not having extra and having to use that rats nest. Untangling it takes A LOT of time. Just my 2 cents.


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