The world's richest men in telecom

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  1. Janfree

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    Wow! I didn't know that those two guys controlled so much telecom in so many countries.

    You can sort the Forbes billionaires list anyway you want...but they don't let you do it by gender.
    If they did it would show that women probably comprise less than 5% of the world's list and they're mostly at the bottom billion range. Delete the Walmart women and it would be considerably less.

    Telecom in the United States is still the "Men's Club". Here's an easy litmus test. Look at all of the top executives of the big tower companies and venture capital companies funding them and you will not see too many women.

    Great article!!!
  2. Paul Russell

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    Interesting why American tower doesn't mention who they are spending 3/4 of a billion with in Brazil. Maybe they're just buying stealth towers and that's part of the deal.;)
  3. EdenAquis

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