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Discussion in 'Breaking and Other News Comments' started by randallg, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. randallg

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    Thanks so much for the great article on the shortage of tower climbers. Its obvious that someone made the claim and then it took on a life of its own. I'll be willing to bet that we'll still see people using that number even though you've debunked it.

    I agree with your writer that a slowdown might be good for the industry. It will help to get some of the riff raff out of the industry. What I think is imporant to bring out is that not all business failures are based upon "evil" carriers who don't give a damn about anyone.

    A lot of large successful businesses today are there becaue they reaped the profits from the carriers for many years after they started out as small companies. they've just been able to adapt.

    Then you have companies that go public to raise funds and it allows them to spend, spend, spend, without turning a profit for years. Then when they go belly up they want to strike out at someone else for causing their failure. After all...they couldn't possibly be to blame.

    In the meantime when workers have to go looking for a paycheck, the owners and insiders go looking for another startup they can create and suck out the cash in the form of high salaries, options and other legal ways to build out not the wireless industry but a new four bedroom wing on their home.

    Thanks for the great job you guys always do. If it wasn't for Wireless Estimator we'd always be in the dark.
  2. Bshire

    Bshire Industry Observer

    As much as I enjoy your articles, aren't you kind of calling the kettle black? According to a midwest contractor, according to a... I think you get the point.
    You're not documenting where you are getting your information and you're asking us to accept it as fact! You can't have it both ways.
  3. scotth

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    There was nothing definite in this article. It's still not clear if the manpower will be needed or ever was.
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  4. Wireless Estimator

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    Excellent comment, Bshire.

    Where there may be some confusion is that we're attributing a statement from someone who is requesting anonymity and expressing their opinion as they view or have knowledge of a particular subject. We want to make it clear that we are not reporting their information as incontrovertible facts, but it's based on material or statements provided by that source. The reader must then assess that statement.

    No one in the article said that there was a shortage of 5,000 tower climbers and that, as stated by many, it could contribute to additional deaths in the industry as workers were forced to meet pressing deadlines with a limited workforce.

    Had they, we would have asked them to document it. And now we believe we know what that answer would have been.
  5. RRUInstall

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    It said trained manpower will be needed, but there is no proof that there is a shortage because no one can point to any study that says there is a shortage.
    There is always a shortage in construction because there is a big turnaround. There isn't a 5000 shortage that people are stating.

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