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  1. Paul Ketner

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    I have a customer who is requiring a light on their new tower, which the FAA determined does not require lighting. Is there a standard to maintain if you install a light on the tower? Are the same standards applied as if the FAA requires a light? I appreciate the help so I can complete the design. I never had a customer that requested a light on a tower that didn't require one.

  2. ted bartlett

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    Is this the same Paul Ketner that worked on the 2-6ghz upgrade for T-Mobile to SFWMD in 1997-1998?
  3. dking

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    My opinion on this would be it is always best to follow or exceed whatever standards exist for the type of work you are on. Even if it is not required, do it anyways.
  4. Marc LeClair

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    Here's the standard, Paul.
    See Page A1-14

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