Tower owner rules putting us at risk

Discussion in 'Safety - General Safety Issues' started by Ledbeter, Oct 31, 2018.

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    I’m not going to name the company because they are a major player and I’m new here although not to the Industry. I climbed for 15 years and was a foreman for 5 more before taking a GF spot. So I’ve seen a lot of changes mostly for the good and safety of the workers. But not too long ago a tower owner started making rules people must abide by on their sites. Fair enough and I get where they are coming from. But it’s got to the point where some of their rules are dangerous due to the fact they have been made by people who don’t know any better. One example is the required use of shackles on any load. Any load as in Even a nose bag. Not even load rated carabiners. How’s is fumbling with screw pins on a load safer than a load rated double locking carabiner. We’ve tried explaining this and they won’t give an inch. My company is a big first tier contractor but all we ever do is bend over backwards to any demand no matter how ridiculous. I had said when the first of ludicrous demands started that if we gave In we would end up with a monster and now we have. How is everyone else dealing with some of the unsafe and obviously poorly thought out rules certain tower owners have forced everyone to comply with.

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