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  1. Andrew  Kruse

    Andrew Kruse Friend of the Community

    We are a manufactuerer of small wind generators and are about to introduce a new 1.8KW machine for the consumer market. One of the major issues is towers. Our primary tower supplier is Valmont however, we are also in need of taller guyed towers up to 120 feet. Furthermore, we are looking for networks of installers interested in expanding into the residential market. Most of these wind generators would be installed on towers in the 35-100' range. Are there companies out there specializing in installing smaller towers in large quantities?
    Andy Kruse
    Southwest Windpower, Inc.
  2. Karin Jackson

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    Hi Andy- my company owns 11,000 towers across the United States. Many can meet your height requirements. Would you be interested in collocating- or, a more appropriate question may be, can your equipment collocate on a tower. This may be a more feasible. option.?
  3. Mike Anderson

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    In regards to Tim's post. I agree. Trylon would be a good fit. You may also want to try Sabre Site Solutions. In regards to the installer comments, I have been researching alternative energy for several years and would be interested in speaking with you about installation opportunities. You may contact me at
  4. Wayne  Johnson

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    I live in upstate NY and I would be interested to be one of your residential installers in this neck of the woods.If you are interested please contact me at

    Wayne Johnson
    Johnson Enterprises
  5. Greg Holmes

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    We are based in Michigan. I would like to discuss installation opportunities. Please contact me at

  6. Tim Kearns

    Tim Kearns Guest

    Andy, Trylon makes a fairly inexpensive line of towers geareed towards WIMAX and the private sector.

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