Tower's footprint was too large, profit was too small

Discussion in 'Managing Projects and Business Issues' started by Andy "Skooter" Elliot, Mar 22, 2008.

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    Here?s one we had some years back for a 360 foot self supporter. We received quotes from numerous tower manufacturers and selected the cheapest one which wasn?t too far from the others. We won the bid and when we submitted the design drawings to the customer they told us that the tower?s base footprint was too big.

    We had carefully measured the fencing, grounding and everything else from the site plans but thought the tower layout was nominal since it was a sheriff?s department?s communications tower and had only one equipment building and plenty of space in an oversized compound that was available to them.

    However, the site had some underground utility issues and they insisted that the tower base should have been designed to the size as drawn even though they never discussed it during the bid walk. In the written specs there was some type of reference to the tower?s placement, not the exact dimensions of it, that a couple people missed as well.

    We didn?t think it would be a problem and we would just have to pay to have the tower redesigned. Not so! All of the manufacturers wanted a considerable increase in their pricing since there was considerably more steel. Also, the foundation reactions increased and the drilled piers pricing went up as well.

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