Using a Helicopter not a crane

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  1. Robert Pac1

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    We have been doing a lot of tower projects lately and im just curious if the tower industry is catching on that it is much more efficient using a helicopter to erect the tower. Seems like our customers are pleased and will use us again. What are your thoughts?
  2. Clifford Bryan

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    Bob, while I know there are tower construction situations when a helicopter makes the most sence, I believe they are few and far between. What size towers have you been erecting, and what were the maximum pick weights? Also, what is the daily rate for a helicopter that can make #3000, #6000, #9000, and #12000 lb picks?

    I myself have used helicopters on projects in the past (Midwest Helicopters actually), but only when cranes could not physically get to the location work was being performed.

    Clifford E. Bryan
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