[Video] 3 Towers Dropped Perfectly!

Discussion in 'Video Nest' started by The Estimator Webmaster, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. The Estimator Webmaster

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    Well executed falling of 3 AM towers!

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  3. Bada Bing

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    Well Executed? REALLY? Very interesting that nobody in the video is wearing proper PPE. There are numerous potential hazards on these sites before, during and even after the tower falls. Then people wonder why workers get killed doing this type of work, you have videos like this that glorify the "cool" things without having one shred of consideration when it comes to safety.
  4. Wireless Estimator

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    This video would make a great tailgate session. The most obvious safety infraction is no hard hats.

    It's apparent that there could have been flying objects and OSHA could have cited and fined the company decommissioning the towers.

    Okay, there is one little-known exception.

    OSHA does not require employees who object to having to wear hard hats for reasons of personal religious convictions to use them.

    However, there didn't seem to be one old order Amish crew member wearing a broad-brimmed felt hat on the job site or a Sikh with a Rishi knot on the crown of his head covered by a turban, so OSHA could step in and cite them under:

    Section 1926.100:
    (a) Employees working in areas where there is a possible danger of head injury from impact, or from falling or flying objects, or from electrical shock and burns, shall be protected by protective helmets.

    It would be helpful if viewers could refer to other examples of non-compliance in this video or any other video on Wireless Estimator. But please cite the OSHA regulation to help others know what you're basing your opinion upon.
  5. Bshire

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    Bada Bing,
    What are the violations after the tower was dropped?
    This may make a good tailgate session, but it also makes a good video to punch holes in theoretical fall factors.
    Engineers say that towers are designed to collapse in a short radius. Although this guy cuts the anchor with a torch, it could have been a rusted anchor rod that snapped.
  6. JerBo

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    If you look at this video from an amateur radio perspective, it was a total waste of 3 towers by some idiots that did not know what they had.
    The light on top of each tower was worth $300 each - used and probably $1000.00 each new!
    Each section of tower was worth no less then $20.00 a section.

    3 - 300' tall towers would have made 3 - 12 people very happy.

    3 - 100' tall towers
    6 - 50' tall towers

    Enough guy wire to build your own FM radio station tower and then some.

    In this advanced technological age, it would have been easy to put 300' of air bags under the tower and catch it.
    Maybe only a couple of sections would have been bent in the fall.

    The way it was - the scrap man was the only person who made any money out of this video.

    The only dangerous part of disassembly of towers of this size is the last 30'....
    Because of a lack of maintenece - there is no way short of doing a destructive test - drill a hole, stick a camera down the hole and look at the condition of the tube - to tell what shape the tower was in.

    One hole in each leg, every 100 feet would have told the whole story.

    How hard is it to plug weld 36 holes compared to trying to straighten a section of tower.

    Technicially, you cannot ever again climb a tower, once it has been bent. Reguardless of it's design - Rohn 45 etc...

    Just goes to show - there is all kinds of idiots in this world!

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