Vintage 719' SS erection videos (39 minutes)

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    The BBC's 719' TV tower was built in the mid 1950s and was a marvel at its time and is still the third largest structure in London.

    A documentary was made about its design and construction and is detailed in the following three videos.

    Similar to the famous picture of steel erectors sitting on a beam overlooking New York City, workers and engineers had no hard hats and were not tied off on the Crystal Palace tower. Bullhorns were used to communicate with winch operators.

    No fatalities occurred during the construction of the tower which will remain a key part of the BBC network when the London area is switched to digital in 2012.

    The four-legged structure was built by British Insulated Callenders Construction Company Limited.

    This film, entitled The Phoenix Tower, was used as the BBC's first color test transmission in November 1956.

    History, Design, Wind Tunnel Testing and Foundations (15:00)

    Steel Fabrication and Installation (15:00)

    Erection From 429' (8:56)

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