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  1. I was sent to an LTE site to perform a troubleshoot. I was only told prior to my arrival that there was VSWR alarms on all 3 sectors. Upon arrival on the site, I quickly identified that it was a stealth pole which made topside troubleshooting impossible for today. I checked jumper configuration leading to the diplexers and ultimately leading to mainline and verified that jumpers had been hooked up properly.

    Upon calling the NOC, I was sent readings from the site. The problem was on the first carrier and was showing RSSi readings below tolerance. I can troubleshoot PIM issues and am very familiar with Anritsu and JDSU sweep gear, but I have no earthly idea how to begin troubleshooting these RRSi readings. I have attached a screenshot below of the readings from the NOC. If anyone could help deciphering this, I would appreciate it.

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    RSSi is an indicator for "received signal strength".... the -103.99 dbm signal above is a weaker signal than the -97.43 dbm. And, of course, it appears that they are both indicating a problem. Being a stealth tower would make me wonder if there was something blocking the path, especially if this was a stealth pine or tree like tower.

    It looks like this was posted long ago, I'd be curious what the outcome was.

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